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   By clicking on this section you will learn everything about my glass career including how I got started, my education and internships, and my different jobs as a professional glass artist.  But the story has just begun, you will also find my future aspirations and how I plan to continue my evolution as an artist. 


   This is where you find a detailed visual record of my works past and works present.  I have broken the pictures up into different galleries for your ease of navigation.  If there is something you are having a hard time finding try clicking on the “Fun Pics?Gallery.


   If you are interested in viewing my resume, here’s your chance.  You will find my education to be extensive and that I have worked among many highly qualified and well known leaders in the field of glass arts.  I consider myself a team player looking for new challenges everyday.

   Brent Swanson

   46480 Northvalley Drive

   Northville, MI 48167